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Outdoor Sign Lights

Outdoor Sign Lights

Right lights has a small range of outdoor sign lights that are available in different styles, materials and finishes.

It is extremely important to choose the correct outdoor sign light in order to stand out from the rest of the high street shops. To achieve the correct lighting the sign light should fit directly above to illuminate the sign without creating any additional glare.
Outdoor sign lights should be pleasing to the eye during daylight hours and can be used on various types of signs such as; shop signs, restaurant menus and house numbers.

LED and fluorescent outdoor sign lights are the best light sources for a continuous sign light, they throw a very even spread of light, don't create many shadows and are also very economical to run and the lamps last a long time.

Our range of outdoor sign lights are;

  • Adjustable outdoor sign lights
  • Fixed outdoor sign lights
  • Dimmable outdoor sign lights
  • LED outdoor sign lights
  • Halogen outdoor sign lights

    Browse our collection of outdoor sign lights and find the perfect light for you.
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    11 Item(s)